Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the materials come from? 

Our tropical hardwood is imported from Central and South America. Our composite decking is often times made in the USA (depending on the brand). We are very conscious of not having a negative environmental impact, so we have the chain of custody record and other certifications for all our wood.

What is your return policy?

If you cancel an order there will be a shipping and restocking fee. We do not allow for returns on special orders.

What sales tax will I have to pay?

We currently charge 7% sales tax unless you can provide us with a re-sale certificate or a bill of lading

How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

Please always feel free to call us at 877-203-2004 or email Sales@BrazilianLumber.com

What materials do you carry?

We always carry an extensive inventory of hardwood and softwood lumber, composite decking from different brands, luxury interior hardwood flooring, and a complete line of hardware and hardwood oils and sealers.

Do you sell FSC certified wood?

Yes. We have FSC certified wood and would be happy to provide this option.

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